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Backyard shaping and other experiments in design and surfing. OTHERS is a collection of projects which allow us to stay connected to the sea.


dublin, Ireland


53.3498° N, 6.2603° W

Initially used for our shaping experiments shown here, OTHERS has evolved to include several strands of investigation into surf and outdoor objects. We are exploring, prototyping and making the kind of objects we personally want or need - without commercial constraints or influences.

OTHERS is a collaboration between designers Eoin McNally and Ian Walton.

If you are interested in OTHERS in any way please say hello. You can reach us at or via our instagram.  




01 - Eoin McNally

Eoin studied Industrial Design and later an MFA in Design in NCAD. He works for Design Partners in Bray, Ireland.

02 - ian walton

Ian also studied Industrial Design, in the same class as Eoin in NCAD. He works on various design projects including OTHERS and NTN.

03 - Testers & helpers

We regularly rely on some of the best surfers around the country to give us honest feedback and input on our projects. Without them it would be extremely difficult to do what we do — thanks everyone.