Community Collectors

In March 2018 we piloted a resin collection program – opening up #WoodstoWaves into a community driven project. Pine resin, collected by hand from coniferous forests, is the key ingredient in our surf wax providing completely natural stickiness and traction.

Through this ongoing project a community of like-minded individuals have sourced and collected resin in their locality. Each batch of this resin is returned to us where we refine it and produce community sourced batches of wax. You can get involved here

The people listed below have all delivered resin to us through this project...


Karol Friel

Enniskillen Fermanagh Ireland

Bio: Age 38 Originally from Omagh, currently residing in Enniskillen Fermanagh.
Keen surfer for 12+ year. Keen camper/adventurer. Spent 4 years living in Bundoran. 
Trying to, get back into art again. Used to paint under the name MEEP. 
Few pieces about Bundoran.
Can be found usually around Donegal.

Favourite Surf Spot: North Donegal

Favourite Board: Hayden Shapes Psychadelic Germ

Instagram: @friel-friel


Bob McClughan

Banbridge, County Down

Bio: Relatively fresh to the surfing scene balancing a busy work schedule as a Regional Worker with Exodus, a Christian Charity, and a full family life with his wife Naomi and their daughter Martha; Surfing has become an important part of Bob's life. Taking to the waves to rest and recharge has become something more than a hobby but also something spiritual. At one with the waves and their creator.

Favourite Surf Spot: White Rocks, Portrush.

Favourite Board: I do love a longboard. A tall board for a tall man.


Instagram: @bobert_38


Caoimhín O'Raghallaigh

Strandhill, Co. Sligo

Bio: My name is Caoimhín. I live, work, and surf in the north-west of Ireland. I personally love exploring the mountains, forests and waves of this amazing part of the country. The resin collection project has helped to combine these aspects in the most interesting and creative way. It's great to be part of such a passionate community of surfers and explorers.

Favourite Surf Spot: Bluerock, Strandhill

Favourite Board: 6'11" hybrid fish

Instagram: @thecaoimh


Jon Herbert

St. Agnes, United Kingdom

Bio: Hi, My name is Jon not John : ) I am a Freelance Creative Director and Art Director, helping build fashion and lifestyle brands. I quit the London rat-race 18 months ago after 18 years of city living. Upped sticks and moved to St. Agnes, Cornwall (A.K.A. The Badlands). Looking for an alternative lifestyle of living the dream by the sea.

Favourite Surf Spot: Hossegor, France

Favourite Board: Self shaped Otter Surfboards 6'4" Wood Burner & Self shaped Open 6'8" Bad Egg


Instagram: @jonlherbert