#woodstowaves: Community

Our #woodstowaves surf wax started off as an experiment in early 2017 but then grew into something bigger than expected. We are experimenting with the idea of #WoodstoWaves as a community driven project. By creating a wide group of resin collectors it might be possible to produce batches of organic surf wax from around the country and maybe even further afield.

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Get Involved

We are looking for community resin collectors around Ireland and around the world. So far we have community members in every corner of the country, Cornwall, Norway, and even Australia. These collectors were involved in our first sign up and received their collection packs in March 2018.

We are now recruiting for our second batch of collection packs which will be sent out in May. If you are interested in getting involved, receiving a pack and going on a resin hunt hit the button below.

Our Guide to Collecting Resin

Resin is different to sap. Coniferous trees produce resin when they are damaged and over time the sticky substance slowly transforms into bark. It's important that we do not damage trees by collecting resin, so by following our guide you can collect from the correct types of tree making sure to only remove excess resin that has been overproduced.



Community FAQs

Got questions about the Community Resin Collection experiment? Check out our FAQ to see if they've been asked by others.