Community: FAQs


Can I sign up?

Yes, of course. Anybody can sign up. The minimum amount of resin worth collecting is 500g so if you're up for that then please get involved.

The only thing we ask is that you consider when and how often you will be able to collect resin before signing up. In the spirit of the project we would rather not produce and ship unnecessary collection packs.

What do I get?

You will receive a collection pack when the next round is shipped out. This includes:

  • 2X compostable resin collection bags
  • 2X Resin Collection data sheets
  • 1X resin collection guide
  • 1X Sealable addressed return envelope
  • 1X Others Window Sticker

Can I do it without a pack?

Yes. Our resin collection guide explains what to do. You can use any plastic container (we use and re-use takeaway tubs).

When do I get it?

We ship out our collection packs in batches — the first went out in March 2018. We will ship the next batch in May, and hopefully every 2 months (or so) after that.

What if I can't find any resin?

Forests vary wildly. Some seem to completely pump resin while others are totally dry. We're still trying to get to the bottom of this ourselves and it can be pretty frustrating.

Don't fret. Keep your collection pack and try some different areas as and when you find them.

Do I filter it?

Nope. If there are large pieces of bark maybe remove those prior to shipping it back, but we will take it from there.

How do I get back to you?

The collection pack comes with a sealable addressed envelope. Fill out the data sheets to tell us where and when you found the contents, stick it on the individual resin bags and seal it all up.

Do I have to pay postage?

Yes, unfortunately we haven't quite figured this bit out yet. Rest assured that you will receive wax worth much more than the cost of shipping your resin to us! Generally it's under €7 within Ireland to get a decent bag back to us.

When will my batch get made?

Hard to say but once we have this system up and running properly it should be within two weeks of us receiving your resin back to our workshop.

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