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We are experimenting with the idea of #WoodstoWaves as a community driven project. By creating a wide group of resin collectors it might be possible to produce batches of organic surf wax from around the country and maybe even further afield.

Pine Resin?

Resin is different to sap. Coniferous trees produce resin when they are damaged and over time the sticky substance slowly transforms into bark. If you have spent any time in a coniferous forest you may have seen it oozing from trees. It is this resin which makes our surf wax sticky.

What about the trees?

We don't tap trees, or damage them in any way. All we do is harvest extra resin which has been overproduced.

Why become a resin collector?

We are looking for people to help us hand collect this ingredient, hopefully expanding the reach of the project and ultimately doing a very good thing for the planet. Collectors will get their name on a batch of finished wax, their pic and bio on our site and a (decent) supply of surf wax.

Are there any requirements in order to be involved?

Not really - although if you don't live near, or spend time near a pine forest this might not be something you will be able to do that often. Please have a quick think about this before you sign up as we would rather not create waste by sending packs that are unlikely to be used.

How will I go about it?

Sign up below and you will be sent a pack with instructions on how to carefully harvest the resin, a container to put it in and an addressed envelope to get it back to our workshop.

That's it!
 As we said this is an experiment - meaning it might work and it might not. Obviously we're hoping it will and seriously looking forward to getting more people involved. 

Ian & Eoin

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