What is OTHERS?

OTHERS is a side project created by two surfers/designers. We are based in Dublin, Ireland.

Do you sell your experiments?

Most of our experiments are for our own use / learning. If they work really well and we're passionate about them sometimes they turn into something we sell. Our #woodstowaves surf wax is currently available for sale.

Your wax is expensive!

Yes, our wax is more expensive than the mass produced alternatives. It is created from just four ingredients, one of which is hand collected from forests around Ireland. It is entirely organic, petrochemical free and biodegradable. There are no artificial tackifiers, dyes, fragrances or colours in there — what you smell when you paddle is the forest. Oh and it comes in a reusable tin which stops it melting and getting covered in sand.

Do you wholesale?

Yes, well as of Spring 2018 we are starting to. If you're interested please see our wholesale page.

Can I see your stuff in person?

We used to have an open workshop / shop every Friday from our studio on Francis Street but it's paused at the moment. We will have events and attend markets in the near future. Keep an eye on our instagram for updates.

Will you make me a board?

No. We are amateur shapers purely doing it for our own enjoyment. There are so many good shapers in Ireland at the moment — get in touch with any of these guys and you'll be very happy: Tom Doidge (DH), Luke Underwood, Osborne, WaxOn, Glide, etc.