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A 14 second summer swell.

Ian Walton

Released last year, you could do much much worse than watching Taylor Steele's Proximity. Even if just for that wave with Stephanie Gilmore and Dave Rastovich alone...

Ian Walton
Wavemaker Collective 2018
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The annual Wavemaker Collective retreat took place last month in Ericeira, Portugal. We were super happy to supply a custom batch of wax for the participants. Massive thanks to Easkey Britton for asking us to be involved. Here's some more about the event:


A global gathering of 16 leaders, founders, wave-makers and seekers from around the world.

We’re really curious about what it takes to make waves, what it means to be a good leader and how to do good better. We love to explore how we might build a global community of exceptional, passionate wave-makers who inspire and empower each other to create a more beautiful world.

Using surfing as an immersive and experiential journey, we explore how to make waves of change at the World Surfing Reserve in Ericeira, Portugal in May 2018.

Ian Walton
15 Seconds

What a difference a few seconds in a swells period makes. This spot lit up over the 2 days of this swell.

Eoin McNally
#woodstowaves May Wax Update
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Since January our wax hasn't been available. You may or may not have noticed our shop is marked as fully sold out.

This is because we genuinely were sold out after Christmas, but also because we knew we wanted to develop a new colder water formula.

We've spent the last 4 months working on this and testing extensively with surfers around the country (big thanks to the following who we couldn't have done it without: Easkey Britton, Peter Conroy, Lee Wood & Narosa, Gearoid McDaid, Stephen Walton, Mark Sheehan, Sam Gleeson from Thisiswhatwedo).

So we're finally ready which means that from next week (07/05) we will be stocked up once again with Cold (<10C) and Cool (8C-18C) Formulas.

It has been a long process which has at times been frustrating and at times seriously exciting. We're really proud of the new formulas and are really looking forward to getting them out there and under peoples feet. If you want an update on the release stick your name down on our (very spam free) newsletter here.

Thanks to you all for your patience and amazing feedback!

Ian & Eoin

WSL 2018 Fantasy League
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A little late on this, with the #QuiksilverPro & #RoxyPro at Snapper Rocks now complete, but we've put together a WSL fantasy league for this years tour. Pick a team for the men's and women's events and join us at the following leagues: 

Women's Tour  ✖︎ Men's Tour 
(password for both: weareothers)

There could be a prize for the winning team...... but we have until December to decide on that.

Ian Walton