100 grams


Today our bars have increased in size by 20% from 80g (industry standard) to 100g. Our price of €8 per bar is not changing with this increase. Shown above is our original 80g bar on the left, and our improved 100g bar on the right.

We have never really discussed price on here but it is something we always think carefully about. Yes we are just over 2 times the price of an 80g block of sex wax, but our produce is 100% organic, petrochemical free and produced from Irish materials collected by hand in Irish forests. Our wax ships in a reusable tin which not only keeps your wax free from dirt and sand but is also zero waste.

As our wax has become more popular and our (tiny) production setup slightly more efficient we thought about reducing price. Quickly we realised that an altogether more sustainable, environmentally friendly and better option is to increase quantity. Now with the same amount of packaging you get 20% more wax. Better for the planet and better for surfing.

PS — Our moulds also happen to be way better - no more missing bits of letters.

Ian Walton