Cool Vs Cold Vs Extra Cold

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We’re learning all the time about our product and how to improve it. The last 2 weeks of particularly cold weather here in Ireland have taught us a lot.

We’re so thankful for the constant feedback we get from people surfing with our wax (@pedro2468 and @jamesbgriffi in particular last week) and without this positive and constructive input we couldn’t keep on evolving.

What we’ve learned is that with this cold snap we have hit the bottom temperature threshold for our current formula. It is a Cool/Cold wax and not an Extra Cold formula as would be currently required.

We are prototyping an extra cold formula - something we have not seen from other beeswax based waxes on the market. This would be reasonably easy if we could add a synthetic/chemical ingredient to keep everything nice and soft, but in our ongoing commitment to #woodstowaves being an organic and planet friendly product this is a little less straight forward.

As we said above, feedback and input is massively important to us. If you use our product and think it’s great that’s incredible, if you use our product and think it’s crap - tell us! Without your input we can’t continue to improve.

Ian & Eoin

Ian Walton