February Update / Resin Collectors

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It's been a little quiet around here and on our instagram recently — you may or may not have noticed. At the same time we have been getting quite a few enquiries about when our next batches of wax will be available (thanks for all the interest) so we thought it probably a good time for a quick update.

As we mentioned below just after Christmas we hit the bottom temperature threshold for our wax in it's current formula. If you bought a bar over Christmas and used it on any of the colder days you more than likely will have noticed that. With that in mind we have been working away to soften our recipe while keeping it 100% natural. We believe we have progress on this and will be pouring test bars this week before circulating them for feedback. Providing they perform as well as we think they will the next step will be to define our temperature ranges and get going again on batches. We will keep our progress up to date on here and on our various social media feeds.

Would you like to be a resin collector?
The pine resin which we use as the stickiness in our wax is hand collected from coniferous trees. We don't tap or damage trees in any way - instead we take excess resin from existing wounds. To date this has been a task we have performed ourselves, but now we want to broaden the search. We want to produce batches of wax from resin in all corners of Ireland, maybe even beyond. To do that we are going to run a small experiment: crowd-sourced resin

If you're interested in collecting resin for us in your locality, getting some free wax and your name as a collector on physical bars and on our site we would love to hear from you. Give us some quick details using the form below and we will be in touch with more information.

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That's all for now. As always if you have any questions / feedback please drop us a line.

Ian & Eoin

Ian Walton