#woodstowaves May Wax Update
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Since January our wax hasn't been available. You may or may not have noticed our shop is marked as fully sold out.

This is because we genuinely were sold out after Christmas, but also because we knew we wanted to develop a new colder water formula.

We've spent the last 4 months working on this and testing extensively with surfers around the country (big thanks to the following who we couldn't have done it without: Easkey Britton, Peter Conroy, Lee Wood & Narosa, Gearoid McDaid, Stephen Walton, Mark Sheehan, Sam Gleeson from Thisiswhatwedo).

So we're finally ready which means that from next week (07/05) we will be stocked up once again with Cold (<10C) and Cool (8C-18C) Formulas.

It has been a long process which has at times been frustrating and at times seriously exciting. We're really proud of the new formulas and are really looking forward to getting them out there and under peoples feet. If you want an update on the release stick your name down on our (very spam free) newsletter here.

Thanks to you all for your patience and amazing feedback!

Ian & Eoin

WSL 2018 Fantasy League
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A little late on this, with the #QuiksilverPro & #RoxyPro at Snapper Rocks now complete, but we've put together a WSL fantasy league for this years tour. Pick a team for the men's and women's events and join us at the following leagues: 

Women's Tour  ✖︎ Men's Tour 
(password for both: weareothers)

There could be a prize for the winning team...... but we have until December to decide on that.

Ian Walton
February Update / Resin Collectors
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It's been a little quiet around here and on our instagram recently — you may or may not have noticed. At the same time we have been getting quite a few enquiries about when our next batches of wax will be available (thanks for all the interest) so we thought it probably a good time for a quick update.

As we mentioned below just after Christmas we hit the bottom temperature threshold for our wax in it's current formula. If you bought a bar over Christmas and used it on any of the colder days you more than likely will have noticed that. With that in mind we have been working away to soften our recipe while keeping it 100% natural. We believe we have progress on this and will be pouring test bars this week before circulating them for feedback. Providing they perform as well as we think they will the next step will be to define our temperature ranges and get going again on batches. We will keep our progress up to date on here and on our various social media feeds.

Would you like to be a resin collector?
The pine resin which we use as the stickiness in our wax is hand collected from coniferous trees. We don't tap or damage trees in any way - instead we take excess resin from existing wounds. To date this has been a task we have performed ourselves, but now we want to broaden the search. We want to produce batches of wax from resin in all corners of Ireland, maybe even beyond. To do that we are going to run a small experiment: crowd-sourced resin

If you're interested in collecting resin for us in your locality, getting some free wax and your name as a collector on physical bars and on our site we would love to hear from you. Give us some quick details using the form below and we will be in touch with more information.

Name *

That's all for now. As always if you have any questions / feedback please drop us a line.

Ian & Eoin

Ian Walton
Cool Vs Cold Vs Extra Cold
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We’re learning all the time about our product and how to improve it. The last 2 weeks of particularly cold weather here in Ireland have taught us a lot.

We’re so thankful for the constant feedback we get from people surfing with our wax (@pedro2468 and @jamesbgriffi in particular last week) and without this positive and constructive input we couldn’t keep on evolving.

What we’ve learned is that with this cold snap we have hit the bottom temperature threshold for our current formula. It is a Cool/Cold wax and not an Extra Cold formula as would be currently required.

We are prototyping an extra cold formula - something we have not seen from other beeswax based waxes on the market. This would be reasonably easy if we could add a synthetic/chemical ingredient to keep everything nice and soft, but in our ongoing commitment to #woodstowaves being an organic and planet friendly product this is a little less straight forward.

As we said above, feedback and input is massively important to us. If you use our product and think it’s great that’s incredible, if you use our product and think it’s crap - tell us! Without your input we can’t continue to improve.

Ian & Eoin

Ian Walton
100 grams

Today our bars have increased in size by 20% from 80g (industry standard) to 100g. Our price of €8 per bar is not changing with this increase. Shown above is our original 80g bar on the left, and our improved 100g bar on the right.

We have never really discussed price on here but it is something we always think carefully about. Yes we are just over 2 times the price of an 80g block of sex wax, but our produce is 100% organic, petrochemical free and produced from Irish materials collected by hand in Irish forests. Our wax ships in a reusable tin which not only keeps your wax free from dirt and sand but is also zero waste.

As our wax has become more popular and our (tiny) production setup slightly more efficient we thought about reducing price. Quickly we realised that an altogether more sustainable, environmentally friendly and better option is to increase quantity. Now with the same amount of packaging you get 20% more wax. Better for the planet and better for surfing.

PS — Our moulds also happen to be way better - no more missing bits of letters.

Ian Walton
Woods to Waves / London Surf Film Festival 2017 Shorties

We spent the last month shooting the various stages of our Woods to Waves wax production with the very brilliant Dave O'Carroll for the latest episode of The People We Meet. Filming with Dave has been a great experience, even if we did get skunked on our only trip West during the shoot.

The 5 minute film has been shortlisted for this years London Surf Film Festival taking place at the end of October. If you enjoyed watching it we would be forever grateful for a vote, which you can cast by clicking/tapping the like button on the LSFF Woods to Waves page.

You can see the other fantastic entries here, and it's well worth your time watching the other People We Meet episodes here.

Ian Walton
One Month Down 16.08.17

One month since we launched our wax and we're feeling pretty overwhelmed by and thankful for the response. So first up — thank you — to everyone who has bought some, tested some, posted about it or even just shown an interest. You have all added in some way to what has been an amazing experience so far. We have sold out of 3 batches, shipping bars all over Ireland and to California, Australia, Spain & the UK.

We are continuing to replenish our stock while getting some new ideas moving. This is what's going on now:

  • Warm & Tropical water formulas are currently being tested in Indo and soon in Puerto Rico.
  • We're sold out of almost everything at the moment but Glanteenasig (Kerry), Ballynahinch (Galway) and Calary (Wicklow) are dropping soon.
  • Refill packs coming next week. Re-use those tins.
  • Our studio and store is now open on Fridays from 10am - 7pm. Drop by and say hello.
  • We kicked off filming a short about the project with Dave from thepeoplewemeet this week which we hope to have out early next month.

That's it from us. Thanks one last time for the support and interest in what we're doing. Fingers crossed for some summer swell sometime soon.

Ian & Eoin

Ian Walton