Hand Foiled Fins


Paused Spring 2018 - To be revisited

We are borrowing from our day jobs as product designers and introducing some unorthodox processes to traditionally hand-foiled wooden fins. Using vacuum-bagging we are laminating flax fibres onto a bamboo core, fully impregnating each fin with bio resin in the same process. Our fins are environmentally friendly as a result.

2016-08-24 16.59.04.jpg
2016-07-13 19.55.00.jpg
2016-07-15 13.28.21.jpg
2016-08-24 17.30.29.jpg
2016-08-24 18.35.18.jpg
2016-08-24 18.35.18-2.jpg
2016-07-16 15.25.03.jpg
2016-08-25 10.34.22.jpg