#woodstowaves Organic Traceable Surf Wax


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Our surf wax combines Pine Resin sourced from sustainably managed Irish forests with organic Beeswax from Dingle, Co.Kerry. It is entirely organic, petrochemical free and biodegradable. Each batch is categorised by it's pine resin source and can be traced back to a specific forest. Each bar is packaged in a screw-top reusable tin. 


In 2016 we happened upon a guide to DIY surf wax using 3 ingredients available locally. As with our other projects we played with this out of interest, initially producing something that looked like surf wax but really didn't work at all. About a year into the project we made a breakthrough with the introduction of a fourth completely natural ingredient — now we had a wax that not only worked but worked well. The idea of tracing every bar back to a source forest came at this time, and #woodstowaves became a thing.

Two years later we are on our third formula and are constantly blown away by the feedback and enthusiasm around the project. We have a product we're super proud of and love seeing it under the feet of surfers around the country and further afield.

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