#woodstowaves Surf Wax

Status: Available to buy online here

Our Traceable Organic Surf Wax combines Pine Resin sourced from sustainably managed Irish forests with organic Beeswax from Dingle, Co.Kerry. It is entirely organic, petrochemical free and biodegradable. Each batch is categorised by it's pine resin source and can be traced back to a specific forest. Each bar is packaged in a screw-top reusable tin. 

Hand-Foiled Fins

Status: Under Development May 2017

We are borrowing from our day jobs as product designers and introducing some unorthodox processes to traditionally hand-foiled wooden fins. Using vacuum-bagging we are laminating flax fibres onto a bamboo core, fully impregnating each fin with bio resin in the same process. Our fins are environmentally friendly as a result.  

Boards 01 & 02

Status: Completed 2014

Not the first boards we built, but the first to carry the OTHERS name. Both shaped and glassed in our damp underground shaping cave in Dublin city centre. Board 01 is a 6'2 x 22" fish without a tail, dipped resin tint finish in white and turquoise. Board 02 is a 7'6 x 21" single fin funboard with a full orange resin tint.


VW T5 Conversion

Status: Completed 2016

DIY conversion of a LWB Volkswagen T5 Transporter panel van into a fully fledged camper, designed for all-season escapes to the west coast of Ireland.

Black EPS Boards

Status: 50% Failed 2016

Scratching an itch to build two boards entirely from scratch. An enormous unused block of black low density EPS was forced unwillingly into a 7'6 mini mal and a 6'2 egg. One died pretty quickly, one is still going somehow.

7'2" Single Fin Egg Thing

Status: Completed 2016

Standard build from a US 705 Blank in a hurry by Ian for Ian. Experimentation with fine vinyl graphics under lamination.